i'm karl. idk i'll do the theme later.
Anonymous whispers: Luv u bebe

Ebeb u vul

Anonymous whispers: Because I'm fat, and I feel like you hate me.

Refer to my text post about hating everything.

Anonymous whispers: Do you hate fat people?

Why do I always get this ask

Anonymous whispers: Do you know anything about scabies? My arms/legs/abdomen have been super itchy for almost a week now, and there's no rash but also no burrows. I don't know what else it could be, and I can't really afford to go to a doctor to figure out what it is. God damn iiiit

Could be a number of things… doubt it’s scabies though unless you know you’ve come into contact with something that could transmit it.. could be bed bugs or allergies.
Obama care is in place so you can afford a doctor visit if you sign up for that. =)



hi new followers yes I am at work I will stalk you later idk where you came from but hello

Yeah that was me sorry

♡_♡ tyvm

Anonymous whispers: y u no link your selfies anymore coy boy

I want the thirst to force you to type /tagged/me

Anonymous whispers: Do you have another job at this new location orrrrrrrr

No, same job. I only moved into a new community. I live in the same area.

hey i hate everything


So watch out,
You’re in danger. 
You never know it, 
But you know that it’s possible. 
Your name, 
The way it looks
Carved into the cover of the telephone book. 
I don’t care. 
I’m never gonna. 
It sounds better when you’re high on marijuana.