hi. my name is karl.
i'm a 24 year old med student
vegan, libertarian, atheist, loner

rest in peace biz. february 4th, 2014.

I can not stand little Wayne


lana del rey  west coast

Anonymous whispers: Help how do I stop eating like shit and get healthy and stuff?

exercise always gives me the motivation to eat better

Anonymous whispers: saw your post about music. listen to: a) carina round - everything a reason b) haroula rose - lavender moon c) son lux - flickers d) mirah - special death (okay basically the entire soundtrack from season 1 of american horror story) e) dead mans bones - lose your soul f) daughter - youth. ps let's get drunk together. ive never been drunk and i tried tonight with a 4 pack of some piña colada stuff i bought and it didn't work and i'm pathetic i know okay bye

i liked a, e & f.. and lol could aaaaalways use someone to make drinks for. love experimenting =]

Anonymous whispers: How ya doing, Karl?

eh… boring day and everyone’s annoying.

Anonymous whispers: I was masturbaiting and I squirted twice and im scared that when my bf and I get intimate he'll think its gross do I tell him idk why im freaking out what if he doesnt like that!!!

be very careful bc when female squirt exits the body it becomes a deadly acid

how am i not fat

lars von trier films
just wow

Original by Olga Markowska

original by jeff liu

original by olga markowska  (via untrustyou)

Tyler Myers

. by Steve Skafte